The Wellbeing of Women

“The Women’s Wellbeing Index is a unique market research involving 7000 women from EU countries, covering all the important aspects of life, including family, relationships, intimacy, career, health consciousness and financial matters, that influence women’s wellbeing. The research was first conducted in 2017 and repeated in 2022. The current site is updated with the latest results.

With one of the largest women’s healthcare portfolios amongst pharmaceutical companies, Gedeon Richter is devoted not only to protecting women’s health, but also to contribute to improving their psychological and social wellbeing.”

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Zsuzsa Beke

Head of Communications
and Government Relations
Gedeon Richter Plc

”Having one of the largest portfolios out of all companies providing gynaecological products, Gedeon Richter has a special knowledge about women’s situation. With the present survey, we wanted to draw attention to the importance of taking women’s health seriously and also to the overall situation of women, including their social and mental wellbeing.”